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3D X-Ray Imaging in Kalispell


At the Kalispell dental implant office of Dr. Kurt Lindemann, we use state-of-the-art dental equipment and technology to ensure your visits are as precise, smooth and gentle as possible. We use the latest 3D X-Ray imaging device. This X-Ray allows Dr. Lindemann and his team to see and assess problems that would often go un-diagnosed with standard 2D technology. Using this machine, Dr. Lindemann can plan dental implants in 3 dimensions.

Using 3D X-Rays for Dental Implants

3D X-Rays are far superior to standard 2D X-Ray imaging. As we mentioned above, our 3D X-Ray imaging can be used in the planning and implementation process of dental implants. The technology allows for extreme accuracy and meticulous treatment planning. Dr. Lindemann is able to virtually plan out the implant process in 3 dimensions on the computer, before ever performing the procedure in the patient's mouth! This not only reduces the number of surprises that could be encountered during the surgical process but also eliminates the need for exploratory surgery.

3D X-Rays may not be necessary for all implants and other dental procedures and each patient will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

3D X-Ray & Bone Scanner

Digital X-Rays

No more having to stand in a dark room waiting for your X-Ray film to develop. Glacier Centre for Dentistry uses a digital x-ray which allows our X-Ray to be sent to a computer where it can be immediately viewed. Digital X-Rays have become far superior to traditional methods.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

  • Less radiation
  • No wait time on images
  • Shorter appointmentsImages can be electronically sent (i.e. for second opinions)
  • Images can be enhanced making it easier to identify the problem area

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